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13 September 2009


Mike's brand new photographic book 'Mike McCartney's North Highlands' is, at last, hot off the press. With images exposing the many secrets of the North Highlands of Scotland and forwards by Prince Charles, Billy Connolly, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, etc..this unusual book is available for YOU c/o:


Hurry, this unique, personal hardback book, with over 100 stunning, colour photographs, is only £15, and wait till you read the captions..AND the forwards! You can also find a direct link to purchase at the bottom of the LINKS section.


Group Hug has re-installed the FORUM. Unbelievably frustrating, the previous hosts had deleted the old forum without backing up the system, which means discussions and user details have been lost. We cannot apologise enough for this... thankfully we are no longer using such an unprofessional provider.

If you would like to post on the Forum, please re-sign up.


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